SDK for Javascript

SDK for NodeJS


Installing SDK for NodeJS packages

npm install


# one time
npm login --registry=http://npm.openkm.com/ --scope=@openkm

# Each time wish to publish

How to use repository in your project

npm config set @openkm:registry http://npm.openkm.com/
npm install @openkm/sdk4nodejs

Build documentation


How to execute test

  • Modify the common-test.js with right UUID nodes ( at least must be uploaded txt file + PDF file + Email)
  • Modify the ws-helper file:
    • Comment the line import streamSaver from 'streamsaver';
    • Comment all the function named downloadFile({ method, url, contentType, filename, params, token }) {
    • IMPORTANT !!!! When test finished revert the changes applied in the ws-helper file.