User guide version 1.x

 Digital Signature Clients allows signing - electronic digital signature - documents to OpenKM.


Choose File / Configuration menu option to show the configuration popup.

Configuration parameters available are:

  • OpenKM version which client connects to.
  • User interface language
  • User and password to connect
  • The OpenKM server host

To accept configuration parameters changes, click Accept button.

Sign and upload documents

To sign documents, select some files or folders with files into and drag to Digital Signature Client.

Will be shown a popup to choose the certificate what will be used to sign documents. Choose a certificate and click Accept button.

Finally, will be shown a navigator popup to select documents folder destination. Select a folder with write access ( for your user ) and click Sign button.

When Digital Signature Client detects an existing document with the same name into OpenKM is prompt a popup to choose one of these two options, updated the file or skip it.

Information about signing and uploading process is shown in Digital Signature Client main table.


In My Documents/OpenKM there's a file log called DigitalSignature.log with a complete log trace.