• Updated internal SDK version to 2.6, that's why should only be used with OpenKM 6.4.45 and upper.
  • Allow configure as a service Linux 


  • When a user logout if it has a periodic task the system don't store that info and after every login show that the task was stopped. Solved.
  • After a login into the system the application store (if it's empty) that user to run periodic tasks after reboot
  • Every time the application start it uses a previous user logged into the system to run periodic tasks


  • Support to install as a Windows Service
  • Solved a concurrency bug when there are two or more task executing at the same time


  • Added SetMetadataProcessor and DownloadProcessor
  • Updated OpenKM SDK to version 2.5


  • There was a bug when make a double click when running a task
  • File extensions in plugins where not working properly because of capital letters 
  • If there were too much columns in a plugin configuration the edit phase dind't work


  • Solved a bug when a metadata property is required but the field was empty


  • Solved a bug which blocks properties file when error
  • Created a plugin to uplaod files from a folder without a properties file
  • Solved a bug with cron. The task was execution ok but the log had a wrong date of event.
  • Added a condition for files. If they are still writing by other process they will be not imported.
  • Added backup possibility to existing plugnis. This will create a copy of every file used in this execution inside <execution_folder>/backup/<task_name>/<date>-<execution_id> folder


  • Added a footer to indicate current version
  • Added confirmation windows for critical operations
  • Add a button to remove all logs of a task


  • Remove event logs for deleted tasks
  • Built in plugins:
    • Added an option to skip columns from data files