User guide 3.x

The OKMLiveEdit tool allows to quickly edit documents that are in the OpenKM repository.


It is mandatory to enable the Live Edit function in OpenKM. More information at Enable extensions.

When this extension is enabled, the action of the  Edit Update and  Cancel edit buttons change and will be used to edit the document in this new way.

  1. Choose a document in OpenKM user interface.
  2. Click on  Edit icon. (A pop-up window "Launch application" will open, it is recommended to check the option "Remember my choice for liveedit links" and press the "Open link" button.)
  3. Now the main live edit window will be shown. This window will show a list of the documents you are editing. Based on the document type, each document is automatically opened by the corresponding software. (For example, if you edit a .docx document will be usually opened by Microsoft Office or LibreOffice software ).
  4. Each time the document is saved with the editing software, the changes are updated in OpenKM to preserve the changes. Until click on the  Update button, the changes will not be accepted in the OpenKM repository, creating a new document.
    If you want to delete the file from the queue press the  Delete button.

For example, in the case of editing images, should be set the OS program for editing, otherwise, the images will be opened by the Windows visualization of photos tool.

If for some reason we edit a document that has already been downloaded locally but the process has not finished or that it is already in the queue,
a pop-up window will be launched through which we can decide if we want to continue editing the local copy that already exists or
simply replace that document with that of the new download.



In My Documents/OpenKM, the following log files are found:

  • OKMLiveEdit.log contains the full log trace. 
  • OKMLiveEdit_installer.log contains information about the installation process.