Bulk Uploader

The Bulk upload feature helps you to insert or update multiple documents at the same time without having to go to Add new document and select each document individually.

The feature is available from Menu bar ( see Working with the menu bar ) and Toolbar ( see Working with the toolbar ).

Uploader detects when the document to upload already exists in the repository, in that case, it will ask you if want to add this new content as a new document version.

Since OpenKM 6.4.29 this extension is not implemented as a Java Applet anymore. We had to migrate to Java Web Start due to incompatibilities between Java Applets and latest browser versions. So, when you want to upload several documents using this extension a JNLP file will be downladed and needs to be executed by Java. You have to agree about executing this app, and after that the Java application will be shown.


  • Choose node ( folder or record ) on your repository.
  • Click on  Bulk upload icon. Will be shown the Uploader Window.

  • Drag and drop files or folders from your desktop computer to the Uploader window. The files and folders will be automatically uploaded to OpenKM, to your currently selected folder path

If a problem occurs while uploading a document, it will show an  "Error" on the status column.