Contacts extension

The Contacts feature helps you to assign contacts to nodes ( documents, folders, mails or records ).

This option is only available if you have enabled the Contacts feature.

More information at Enable extensions.

You can manage contacts from:

  • Tools menu.
  • Properties on desktop panel.

 Manage contacts

Manage contacts.

Is shown a pop-up to manage contacts.

 Tools menu.

Edit contact

Edit contact.

Steps to edit contact:

  • Click on Edit icon.
  • Update the form.
  • Click on Update button.

Manage contacts popup.

Properties panel.

 Delete ( contact or link )

Delete contact or link.

Steps to delete:

  • Click on  Delete icon.
  • Click on Accept button.

From the Properties panel the Delete icon is used to delete link between contact and node. From others view the Delete icon is used to delete a contact.

Manage contacts popup.

Properties panel.

New contact button

Add new contact.

Steps to add new contact:

  • From "tools menu" click on  Manage contacts or from "Properties" panel click on Add button.
  • Click on New contact button.
  • Fill the form.
  • Click on Add button.

The "name" field is mandatory.

Manage contacts popup.

Cancel button

Cancel edition.

Manage contacts popup.

Add button

Link contact with the selected node.

Steps to link a contact:

  • Click on Add button. Is shown a popup.
  • Click on Link contact

Option only available from the properties panel.


Manage contacts popup.

Double click on contact for quick edit.