Changelog of version 1.x

SDK for Java 1.x

v 1.2

  • Released 2018-09-15
  • Because we have introduced Swagger support the WS library has been updated and the behaviour of some methods have been changed. That means if you use version 2.5 or older with OpenKM version 6.4.45 or upper it will be raised and error. The methods affected are what return boolean or long values :
    • isCheckedOut
    • isLocked
    • getVersionHistorySize
    • isValidDocument
    • isValidFolder
    • isValidMail
    • isValidRecord
    • hasGroup
    • hasNode
    • saveSearch
  • Added ConversionService
    • New method public InputStream doc2pdf(InputStream is, String fileName)
    • public InputStream imageConvert(InputStream is, String fileName, String params, String dstMimeType)
  • PropertyGroupService
    • New method public Map<String, String> getPropertyGroupPropertiesSimple(String nodeId, String grpName)
  • RepositoryService
    • New method public SqlQueryResults executeSqlQuery(InputStream is)
    • public Configuration getConfiguration(String key)