Configure Eclipse plugin

Install jBPM3 engine

You need to have Java installed in your computer to run the installer.

$ java -jar jbpm-installer-3.3.1.GA.jar 

  • Follow the installation wizard steps.

Install the plugin

  • Go to Help > Install New Software menu option.
  • Add a new repository. Click on top right "Add" button.
    • Set the field name value as "JBoss Developer Studio Central Update Site - SOA Tooling".
    • Set the location field value as "".
  • Click "OK" button.
  • Install the plugins:
    • From Business Rules Tooling the "JBoss Runtime JBPM Detector".
    • From SOA and Data Service Tooling the "JBoss Runtime JBPM Detector", "jBPM 3 Tools Runtime" and "JBPM Convert".

Consider the values below only as a reference.

  • Go to Window > Preferences
    • Go to JBoss jBPM > jBPM3 Server Deployment and fill the fields:
      • Set the "Server name" field value "localhost".
      • Set the "Server port" field value "8080".
      • Set the "Sever deployer" field value "/OpenKM/workflow-register"
      • Ensure the "Use credentials" check box is checked.
      • Set the "Username" field value as "okmAdmin".
      • Set the "Password" field value as "admin".
    • Go to JBoss jBPM > Runtime Locations and add a new jBPM3 engine location:
      • Click "Add" button.
      • Set the "Name" field value "jBPM3".
      • Set the "Location" field value "C:\openkm-dev\tools\jbpm-3.3.1.GA"
      • Click "OK" button.