JBPM Console

In OpenKM v7.1 the workflow engine is deployed as an independent application to ensure security and stability. 

This application contains the jBPM workflow engine which was previously embedded in OpenKM v6.4


If the application is not already available in your installation, you can download it from https://download.openkm.com/ and follow the steps described at Installation.

Compatibility table

jBPM ConsoleOpenKMSDKStatus
v1.18 v7.1.34 v3.24 Active
v1.17 v7.1.33 v3.23 Deprecated
v1.16 v7.1.32 v3.22 Deprecated
v1.15 v.7.1.30 v3.21 Deprecated
v1.14 v7.1.29 v3.20 Deprecated
v1.13 v7.1.28 v3.19 Deprecated
v1.12 v7.1.27 v3.18 Deprecated
v1.11 v7.1.26 v3.17 Deprecated
v1.10 v7.1.25 v3.16 Deprecated
v1.9 v7.1.23 v3.15 Deprecated
v1.8 v7.1.22 v3.14 Deprecated
v1.7 v7.1.21 v3.13 Deprecated
v1.6 v7.1.20 v3.12 Deprecated
v1.5 v7.1.19 v3.11 Deprecated
v1.4 v7.1.18 v3.10 Deprecated
v1.3 v7.1.16 v3.9 Deprecated
v1.2 v7.1.14 to v7.1.15 v3.8 Deprecated

How to deploy a workflow

In order to deploy a new workflow, you have to point your browser to http://your-site.tdl/jbpm-console and go to "Admin". The default user and password is admin / admin. Once logged, you should see a list of deployed workflows. And also can deploy a new one using the form.

Keep on mind that this new workflow won't be available in OpenKM until you do a couple of tasks:

Register the workflow in the desired tenant

First of all, you need to register the workflow in the desired tenant. To do this, switch to the tenant and make use of the utility available at  Administration > Utilities called Workflow tenant

Make the workflow available in the user profile

Go to Administration > Profiles and choose the workflow to be available to the users who use the profile.