User guide


Click on the OpenKM option in the Components menu.

Add the new OpenKM connection.

Create a new OpenKM connection

Access Configuration

  • OpenKM user credentials.
  • Set public or private access ( in case private you should set a password ).
  • Activate component logs tracking.

Setting the table

  • Configure visible columns.
  • Set the number of records shown in the table.


Metadata tab allows to show metadata fields from documents and folders.  Add the property group name - metadata name - and the title text to be shown in the table.


Test connection

Click on the Test button to check the OpenKM connection.


Add menu OpenKM file browser

  • Go to Joomla menu administration.
  • Add a new menu.

Select the OpenKM file browser menu type.

 Set the menu title, go to configuration parameters and select from the list the OpenKM configuration to be shown in this menu option.


Joomla Explorer

Public Table


Private table

To access private section is needed to introduce password.

When password set is right, you can browser across then OpenKM repository.

Search by content

There are two kinds of search, simple and advanced. In the search simple only can search by content.

In the search results, the view is shown documents what can download.

Advanced search

In the advanced search view, there're several search form elements name, content, mime type among other search options.

In the search results view, you can choose between to show folders or documents.