Changelog v3.x

SDK for Java v3.x


  • Released 2021-xx-xx
  • New attribute showClassicUi in the class Profile
  • New bean SimpleNodeBaseResultSet
  • The bean ChildNodeBase was refactor to SimpleNodeBase
  • New exception TaskNotFoundException in the Task
  • MailService
    • New method
      • InputStream getPdf
      • Document saveMailAsPdf
  • DocumentService
    • New method
      • InputStream getDocumentPdf
      • Document saveDocumentAsPdf
      • Document createDocument ( now with nodeClass variable )
  • RepositoryService
    • New method
      • boolean getIsFilePlan
  • AuthService
    • New method
      • boolean isPasswordExpired
  • NodeService
    • New method
      • void setComment
  • SearchService
    • New method
      • SimpleNodeBaseResultSet findSimpleNodeBasePaginated(QueryParams queryParams, int offset, int limit)


  • Released 2020-12-03
  • New method forceLockDocument
  • New method forceLockRecord
  • New method hasNodesLockedByOtherUser
  • PdfService
    • New methods
      • InputStream getImage(String uuid, int page)
      • boolean split(String uuid, String dstId, String name, List<Integer> pages)
      • boolean extract(String uuid, String dstId, String name, List<Integer> pages)
      • boolean remove(String uuid, String dstId, String name, List<Integer> pages)
      • boolean rotate(String uuid, String dstId, String name, String angle, List<Integer> pages)
  • New parameter security in method extendedDocumentCopy
  • New parameter security in method extendedFolderCopy
  • New parameter security in method extendedRecordCopy
  • New parameter security in method extendedMailCopy
  • New variables folderPath, folderUuid, documentName and documentUuid in FormElementComplex class.
  • New static variables in MimeTypeConfig class.
  • Removed variables keywordsEnabled, categoriesEnabled, ocrDataCaptureEnabled, propertyGroups and workflows in ProfileWizard class.
  • Removed the Print class.
  • Fixed bug, missing toString method in almost bean class.


  • Released 2020-09-24
  • A new method isAttachment.
  • A new method isConvertibleToPDF.
  • New variable parentElement in FormElementComplex class.
  • New variable suscribed in ChildNodeBase class.
  • Moved variable lock and locked from Document and Record to Node class.
  • Removed variable token from LockInfo class.
  • Variable created in ChildNodeBase was renamed to versionCreated.
  • Fixed bug, added setter and getter in the formElement for field description.
  • Fixed bug, the method setAuthorizationToken was wrongly marked as deprecated.
  • Fixed bug, better control in case of error 401
  • Fixed typo, UnknowException was renamed to UnknownException


  • Released 2020-06-19
  • "THIS IS A MAJOR UPGRADE", because there are more than 360 methods in the Webservice class we have decided to split the methods by type. The methods in the Webservices class still are available but marked as deprecated. In future we will remove them. Take the sample below as a guide about the change applied.

In the previous version:

ws.login(user, password);
Folder folder = ws.createFolder("1be884f4-5758-4985-94d1-f18bfe004db8", "test");

From version 3.8:

ws.login(user, password);
Folder folder = ws.folder.createFolder("1be884f4-5758-4985-94d1-f18bfe004db8", "test"); 

Note in previous versions was used ws.createFolder methods and from version 3.8 we suggest using ws.folder.createFolder

  • Improvement in the REST errors. Has been updated the data and how errors are thrown across the REST service.
  • The method getContent has been updated. Currently, download EML or MSG file type either the stream of type "application/octet-stream".
  • New parameter "context" in the method getMailsPaginated.
  • New variable "authorVisible" in the ProfileDocProperties class.
  • New variable "authorVisible" in the ProfileFldProperties class.
  • New variable "authorVisible" in the ProfileRecProperties class.
  • New variables "authorVisible", "parentVisible", "subscribedVisible",  "subscribedUsersVisible" and "typeVisible" in the ProfileMailProperties class.
  • Fixed bug in BreadCrumbItem class was missing the variable "nodeType".
  • Addew new methods for sharding.


  • Released 2020-03-25
  • Solved a bug in parameters in all the RestPlugin methods ( executePluginPost, executePluginPostReturnFile, executePluginGet, executePluginGetReturnFile ).
  • Change in the relations, the variable named "user" now is named "author".
  • Added new variable "numRecords" in the ZipDownloadEvaluationResult.
  • Added new variable "saveSearchVisible" in the Profile.
  • A new method getClusterUuid.
  • A new method importDocument used to huge import.
  • A new method importFolder used to huge import.


  • Released 2020-02-14
  • Added new hasEncryption and hasAttachmentnew variables in ChildNodeBase.
  • Classes Token and TaskInstance modified.
  • Relations of type Group now have author variable.
  • Improvements in workflow services the "List<FormElement> values" has been changed to "Map<String, String> propertiesMap".
  • Changes in getRoles and getUsers methods.
  • Changes in saveReport method. Now it returns a Document object.
  • Fix saveQuery method always was returning value 0.
  • A new method liveEditSetContent.
  • A new method getMimeTypes.
  • A new method restore.
  • A new method getUserSearches.
  • A new method findUserSearches.
  • A new method isLoginLowercase.


  • Released 2019-11-12
  • The method executeSqlQuery now returns SqlQueryResults.
  • When logout is executed the authentication token is also removed.
  • A new method hasSecurityRecursive.
  • A new method isAdmin.
  • A new method extendedRecordCopy.
  • Renamed method createFromTemplate to createDocumentFromTemplate.
  • Renamed method updateFromTemplate to updateDocumentFromTemplate.
  • A new method createFolderFromTemplate.
  • A new method createRecordFromTemplate.
  • A new method generateDownloadReportToken.
  • A new method saveReport.
  • A new method getSessionId.
  • A new method getLiveEditRestrictedMimeTypes.
  • A new method liveEditCheckin.
  • A new login method ( now you can set expiration in days and restriction by IP )
  • Change in the methods generateDownloadToken ( new parameter preview is used to set expiration to less than 1 minute ).
    • Now the method returns the single token, the user must build the download URL. The previous version was returning the full URL.
  • The ChildNodeBase object returned by pagination methods now has a variable parent.
  • Added variable description and note in QueryParams. Now you can do a search by description and notes content.
  • Applied CamelCase in some URL, the affected methods are:
    • getCheckout()
    • isCheckout()
    • checkout()
    • cancelCheckout()
    • setDocumentNodeClass()
    • setMailNodeClass()
    • setRecordNodeClass()
    • getContentInfo()
    • sendMailWithAttachments()
    • All the Property groups methods ( metadata )
    • getUserCheckoutDocuments()
    • getProcessDefinitionForms()


  • Released 2019-07-05
  • There're a lot of changes between SDK version 2.x and 3.X the most important considerations for migration between versions are:
    • Almost methods existing in version 2.x it continues existing in version 3.x
    • Have been added new methods, specially for FilePlan, Task, Conversion, etc...
    • Now in almost methods should be used UUID either path. The path has been deprecated in almost methods and no longer will continue working.
    • Authentication mechanism changed, now is based in a token. Now first is created the OKMWebservice object and then must be executed the login method.
    • The OpenKM connection URL has been changed from http://localhost:8080/OpenKM to http://localhost:8080/openkm ( now the context is lowercase ).