Changelog of version 4.x


  • In progress


  • Released 2023-11-23
  • New variable publicUrlVisible in the ProfileDocProperties class.
  • New variable publicUrlVisible in the ProfileFldProperties class.
  • New variable publicUrlVisible in the ProfileMailProperties class.
  • New variable publicUrlVisible in the ProfileRecProperties class.
  • Added logs in the Auth class.
  • PDFService
    • New method
      • insertPages(String uuid, String srcId, int sourceFromPage, int sourceToPage, int insertFromPage) to insert pages in a PDF.


  • Released 2023-11-20
  • There are a lot of changes between SDK version 3.x and 4.X; the most important considerations for migration between versions are:
    • All the methods deprecated in the version 3.x have been removed.
    • It has been refactorized a lot of methods, for example, the method ws.folder.deleteFolder has been renamed to ws.folder.delete.
    • Deprecated method ws.document.lockDocument in favour of ws.node.lock.
    • Deprecated method ws.document.unlockDocument in favour of ws.node.unlock.
    • Deprecated method ws.document.forceUnlockDocument in favour of ws.node.forceUnlockDocument.
    • Deprecated method ws.document.isLocked in favour of ws.node.isLocked.
    • Deprecated method ws.document.getLockInfo in favour of ws.node.getLockInfo.
    • Deprecated method ws.document.forceLock in favour of ws.node.forceLock.
    • Deprecated method ws.record.lockRecord in favour of ws.node.lock.
    • Deprecated method ws.record.unlockRecord in favour of ws.node.unlock.
    • Deprecated method ws.record.forceUnlockRecord in favour of ws.node.forceUnlock.
    • Deprecated method ws.record.forceLockRecord in favour of ws.node.forceLock.
    • Deprecated method ws.repository.getThesaurusFolder.