Bonita Workflow Connector

Because Bonita Workflow currently comes with REST integration, this kind of connector has lost the sense and can consider as deprecated.

We encourage using OpenKM REST API to connect with OpenKM.

Bonita BPM is an Open Source business process management and workflow suite created in 2001.

Bonita can be applied for various projects requiring complex workflows like Supply Chain Management, e-Government, Human Resources, Contract management, etc. Bonita-OpenKM connectors feature, allows Bonita BPM to use OpenKM to save and retrieve documents.

Bonitasoft connector compatibility

SDK for Java versionOpenKM compatibilityBonita BPM compatibilityStatus

Bonita Workflow connector 2.0

6.4.x Professional

Tested with version 6.x


Bonita Workflow connector 1.0 

6.2.x Professional & 6.3.x community

Tested with version 6.x