User guide

There are two different phases to migrate a repository to OpenKM:

  1. Export data from a DMS to OpenKM intermediate format.
  2. Import data to OpenKM.

Export data

It depends on the implementation how to extract data from a DMS system. The core of dms2okm provides useful methods to help extract data and generate intermediate format for OpenKM.

Please see Supported DMS and versions section for more info about available DMS implementations.

Import data

This step is the same for whichever DMS you want to export/import.

The export phase generate an intermediate format that be used by OpenKM to import your content.

To import the data you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to Administration tab.
  2. Click Repository import button.
  3. Select the File System path and check Metadata and History (please do not select Restore UUIDs checkbox).
  4. Click import button.

After a while (depends on the amount of data) you will see your data imported correctly.

OpenKM will prompt any problem with the importation of files and folders.