User guide v3.x

 Scanner Client allows to capture images from scanners and, optionally, convert them to PDF and upload to OpenKM setting the related metadata values.

Toolbar buttons


Scan action.

Convert to pdf.

Refresh tree.

Upload document.

Download document.

Delete page from pdf.

Add the page to pdf.

OpenKM Server Configuration

The Configuration / Server configuration menu option is used to show the configuration popup.

The available configuration parameters are:




User interface language.



User id for accessing OpenKM.




The password of the user.






Add metadata


Add metadata option to enable/disable metadata selection form.

Once you have changed any configuration parameters, click the Accept button.

Setting destination folder

To change the OpenKM destination folder where the document will be uploaded, double-click on label OKM Path.

 A tree explorer popup will be shown.

Select the destination folder and finally click on Select button.

Scanner configuration

The Configuration / Scanner configuration menu option is used to change the scanner configuration.

These are the configuration available parameters:

  • Protocol WIA or TWAIN ( we suggest TWAIN for better scanner features support ).
  • Scanner.
  • Origin.
  • Color format ( Color / Grayscales / White and Black ).
  • Page size.
  • Image type ( PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF ).
  • Scale (1:1, 1:2, 1:4, 1:8).
  • Horizontal align (Left, Center, Right).
  • Brightness and Contrast.

Once any option has been changed, click the Accept button to save them.


Click on the toolbar button  . Depending on if you've selected WIA or TWAIN the next screen will be quite different.

Split button "Scan" has the following options:

  • Scan: Scan and convert to images.
  • Scan and convert batch to PDF.
  • Scan and convert to individual PDFs.

Follow the screen instructions.


The images will be saved into a folder structure based on the current date (year-month-day) into your server at My images/OKMScan/Images path.


Convert to PDF

Select one or more image files from the tree.


Click on the toolbar button  to convert all selected images to PDF. When the conversion is finished it will appear a message like this one:

The PDF file will be created into a folder structure based on the current date (year-month-day) into your server at My images/OKMScan/Pdfs path.



Select one or more files ( images or PDF ) and click button  to upload the document.

If the application detects that a file already exists into OpenKM, will ask you to accept update the version or rename it.

The application can ask you to add metadata groups to uploaded documents.

If you want to set a metadata group, click on Add button and follow the wizard.

In the case of having multiple selection metadata to mark and unmark all options, you can use the key combination "Ctrl" + "E" and  "Supr" respectively.

In the end, a popup is shown indicating that the documents have successfully uploaded.

Download from OpenKM

  1. Click button  to download the document from OpenKM.
  2. Select one or more files from explorer form and press the "Select" button.
  3. The files will be downloaded in the directories generated according to the date and classified according to images or Pdfs.

Add images to existing PDF files

You can add images to existing PDF files. To do it, click  Add page to PDF toolbar icon.

Some extra icons will be shown to help you with this action:

Add images into PDF file, has three steps:

  • First, is select a PDF file and then click the icon  to confirm PDF selection.


  • The second step is to select one or more images and click the icon  to confirm images selection.

  • Finally, click the icon  to add images. A popup will be shown to confirm the action.

A popup to confirm that operation has been done will be shown.

Remove pages from existing PDF files

You can remove pages from existing PDF files. For doing it click the toolbar option  delete page from PDF. Will be shown a popup indicating what page or range of pages wants to delete.

Click the Accept button and the pages will be removed from pdf.

Compression CCITT Group4

To enable compression Configuration / Compression group4 menu option is shown the configuration popup.

Configuration parameters available are:

  • Enable black and white CCITT Group4 compression
  • Percentage (Threshold)
  • Force fit to A4 format

To accept configuration parameters changes, click the Accept button.