SDK for NodeJS

OpenKM SDK for NodeJS is a client library for the OpenKM REST API. This Webservices library is a complete API layer to access OpenKM through REST Webservices and provides complete compatibility between the  OpenKM REST and Webservices versions minimizing the changes in your code.


SDK for NodeJS is licensed under the terms of the EULA - OpenKM SDK End User License Agreement as published by OpenKM Knowledge Management System S.L.

This program is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY not even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the EULA - OpenKM SDK End User License Agreement for more details.

Here you will find the documentation of the OpenKM SDK for NodeJS API.

SDK for Java version 1.x compatibility

Ask your OpenKM IT manager how to access this library.

SDK for NodeJS versionOpenKM CompatibilityStatus

Version 7.1.32 and upper.

Not compatible.



Version 7.1.31.

Not compatible.