Workflow guide

JBoss jBPM is a flexible, extensible framework for process languages. jPDL is one process language that is build on top of that common framework. It is an intuitive process language to express business processes graphically in terms of tasks, wait states for asynchronous communication, timers, automated actions,... To bind these operations together, jPDL has the most powerful and extensible control flow mechanism.

jPDL has minimal dependencies and can be used as easy as using a java library. But it can also be used in environments where extreme throughput is crucial by deploying it on a J2EE clustered application server. jPDL can be configured with any database and it can be deployed on any application server.

The core workflow and BPM functionality is packaged as a simple java library. This library includes a service to manage and execute processes in the jPDL database.

Some sections about Workflows that you should read:

OpenKM versionSectionDescription



Workflow administration.

Workflow forms definition 

Workflow forms definition.

Workflow configuration parameters 

Workflow engine is not enabled by default. Check configuration parameter workflow.adapter to enable it.


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