Excel Add-in 6.1.x

Excel Add-in enables users to upload new files and edit existing OpenKM files.

When a user uploads new files, he browses across the OpenKM tree view to select where he wants to upload the file.

The OpenKM Excel Add-in detects if the document opened by a user is an OpenKM file and enables or disables some toolbar options.

Office Add-ins are compatible from version 2000 to version 2013.

After installing the Outlook add-in, a new menu item "OpenKM" will appear in Outlook.

Detail of the functions according to their icons:


Addin configuration.

Add new document

Document edit ( check-out )

Upload modified document (check-in)

Cancel document edit


Configure OpenKM Add-In

First you must select the OpenKM tool bar option to set your configuration values to access OpenKM from the client computer. If you've got other OpenKM Add-Ins already installed, this may not be needed.

Users of OpenKM version 6.3.x should use "Webservices 1.0" option in the OpenKM version configuration option.

When you set your configuration values, a folder called OpenKM is created in your user My documents folder. In this OpenKM folder, a configuration file called openkm.xml and another file called document.xml are created that the OpenKM Add-in uses to store some document editing information. You should not edit or delete these files.

Uploading a new file

Click on the  add new document button, a folder tree view will be shown. You must select the folder where you want to upload the file.

Click on the Send Button and after that the document will be uploaded to OpenKM and a notification message will be shown.

Editing an OpenKM document

Click on the  document edit button, a folder navigator will appear. You must navigate across folders and select a document that you want to edit.

When you've got some OpenKM document opened, the  Upload modified document (check-in) and  Cancel document edit toolbar options will be enabled.

  • To upload modified document, use the Upload modified document (check-in) toolbar button.
  • To cancel document editing, use the  Cancel document edit toolbar button.

After editing, your local document copy will be deleted to prevent user mistakes.


In My Documents/OpenKM there's a file log called ExcelAddin.log with a complete log trace.