OpenKM 6.3 - CE

OpenKM Community version is licensed under terms of GNU General Public Licence.

OpenKM is an Electronic Document and Record Management System (EDRMS). There's a lot of literature about document management terms like: DMS, EDRMS or CMS usually more influenced by marketing rules rather than objective reasons.

The differences between DMS, CMS, and EDRMS in most cases are subjective or not relevant from the Document Management point of view. Lately, it seems the term CMS has gotten some marketing success and actually is one of the most common used. However, we prefer the term EDRMS, perhaps with lesser success on the marketing world but from our point of view more strict and representative.

OpenKM helps you to:

  • Day-to-day data capture.
  • Storage.
  • Modify and share physical and/or digital documents within the organization.
  • Apply retention periods to stored items.
  • Identify the owner of each record series and documents.
  • Set a chain of custody and proper audit trail.
  • When needed apply legal records holds.
  • Managing records disposition.
  • Preserving records through their life cycle.

Some of the OpenKM goals are:

  • Increase efficiency. Faster documents approval, reduced manual data entry, automated recurring tasks among others.
  • Set compliance levels. The system helps the organization to avoid penalties when regulators, auditors and other government authorities summons them for inspections.
  • Preserve historical content. Follow the status of the document (determined by the different phases of the lifecycle).
  • Consolidate the company knowledge on a single access point.

The OpenKM technical staff maximum is "Try finding out the easy solution for each problem. If you cannot find it, try again."

Although we've tried to give our powerful application what it needs to solve problems with a minimalist solution, sometimes its not possible. OpenKM can solve day-to-day complex scenarios. It is not a closed application and has a lot of features that can be used and configured on several ways.

Please take your time to read the documentation, it is time well spent. If you have some doubt contact with us. Usually a problem have several ways to be resolved.

Your suggestions are always welcomed, we try creating a better application to solve real life problems in a more efficient way. Your suggestions help us growing the knowledge of EDRMS solutions and how it can be applied to real case scenarios.