OpenKM 6.3 community portable development environment

The OpenKM Community Portable development environment comes with all in one configured tools.

We encourage using our OpenKM portable development environment rather configure your own eclipse, specially for Java beginners.

We've tried to provide a development platform as easy as possible to get it running with few steps.

More information about OpenKM community portable development environment at


  • Eclipse 32 bits.
  • Java 32 and 64 bits.
  • MySQL 5.
  • MySQL Workbench.
  • iReport.
  • Process explorer.
  • Junction.
  • TcpView.
  • mTail.
  • Tesseract.
  • OpenOffice.
  • Geany.
  • jBPM 3.3.1.GA.
  • Firefox 24 with GWT dev plugin ( for debug ).


  • Crontab samples.
  • Report samples.
  • Workflow course.

Suggested minimum hardware configuration:

  • 2 CPU's
  • 4GB of ram
  • 64 bits architecture ( although also can you get running on 32 we do not suggest this architecture ).

Available versions:

VersionOpenKM versionSupported OS
1.0 6.3.0

Windows platform.


For each OpenKM version, it is created a complete Javadoc available at