Application version compatibility table

Application compatibility changes can be caused by:

  • DTD definition changes. Usually newer application versions support older DTD versions.
  • Library upgrades.

If your OpenKM server can't access the Internet, you can download this DTD and copy it to a convenient place on you server. Remember to update your forms.xml with the DTD location.

<!DOCTYPE workflow-forms PUBLIC "-//OpenKM//DTD Workflow Forms 2.8//EN"

 Compatibility tables:

Property GroupsOpenKM
property-groups-2.9.dtd Since 6.4.31
property-groups-2.8.dtd Since 6.4.29
property-groups-2.7.dtd Since 6.4.25
property-groups-2.6.dtd Since 6.4.20
property-groups-2.5.dtd Since 6.4.17
property-groups-2.4.dtd Since 6.4.15
property-groups-2.3.dtd Since 6.4.8
property-groups-2.2.dtd Since 6.4.2
property-groups-2.1.dtd Since 6.4.1
Workflow FormsOpenKM
workflow-forms-2.10.dtd Since 6.4.31 
workflow-forms-2.9.dtd Since 6.4.29 
workflow-forms-2.8.dtd Since 6.4.25
workflow-forms-2.7.dtd Since 6.4.20
workflow-forms-2.6.dtd Since 6.4.17
workflow-forms-2.5.dtd Since 6.4.15
workflow-forms-2.4.dtd Since 6.4.1
Report Parameters   OpenKM   
report-parameters-2.1.dtd Since 6.4.22
report-parameters-2.0.dtd Since 6.4.1
Jasper Reports EngineOpenKM

Since 6.4.20


Since 6.4.3


Since 6.4.1