Creating plugins

OpenKM's plugin system helps you to add software components to improve the features of the application.

OpenKM's plugin system is based on the hot deployment of JAR packages.

From OpenKM plugin system you can:

  • Register new Antivirus analyzers.
  • Register new Automation actions.
  • Register new Automation validations.
  • Register new form validators.
  • Register new NodeProperties.
  • Register new OCR validation controls (new OCR control points used to identify documents).
  • Register new OCR data capture (new OCR parsers to retrieve data).
  • Register new option select values (retrieve list values from third party software).
  • Register new principal adapters (connectors to retrieve users and roles from third party software).
  • Register new rest plugin (extend rest API).
  • Register new suggestion analyzer (build your own logic to suggest form values).
  • Register new shell commands (experimental feature).
  • Register new stack metadata (customizer the  metadata stack view).
  • Register new text extrator.
  • Register new version number adapter (create your own document version number).