Client configuration

ZIP filenames with wrong charset

When you download an OpenKM as ZIP maybe the included files have a wrong charset. This only happens with non-latin languages like Greek, Chinese or Arabic. This issue is corrected since OpenKM 4.1 and exported ZIP archives should be opened without problems from WinZip 14 or higher. But UNICODE support in ZIP is a little tricky and may cause problems. To ensure you won't have problems, try using 7-Zip which seems to handle these UNICODE filenames.

The other problem you may have is when you want to import a ZIP into OpenKM. In this case you can also get wrong filenames. Filenames should be encoded in UNICODE, and to ensure it you can force 7-Zip to use this encoding when creating a ZIP:

If you are on Windows you can download 7-Zip from You can also install the port of the 7-Zip compression tool for Linux:

$ sudo aptitude install p7zip-full p7zip

Microsoft Office Addin disappears after Office restart

Could be a problem with default template ( ). To solve try it:

  • Open
  • Go to menu tools / personalize / Tool bars
  • Open OpenKM toolbar
  • Save

Error in Uploader / Scanner applet

To provide more complete information in order to determine the issue, please activate the Java Console. Read How do I enable and view the Java Console? for more info.