Relation types

The application can sets distinct relations between nodes ( documents, folders, mails, records ). In relation types are set the relation types definitions.

There're tree types or relations:

  • Bidirectional
  • Parent-child
  • Many-to-many

Relation types are shown in a table structure.



Title parent to child

Title child to parent



This releation is set always between two nodes.

A is linked to B like B is linked to A. The relation that links boths elements is the same.

An example of this relation type is "Language translation" relation. A is tranlations of B like B is translation of A.





Parent - child

This relelation is always set between two nodes.

A is linked to B and B is linked to A, but the relation that links both elements is diferent.

An example of this relation type is "Invoice - Quote". B is an invoice of A. A is a quote of B.






This relation is set between two or more nodes.

All nodes are linked to one another.

And example of this relation type is "Stapling". A,B,C, etc. are stapled.

Create a relation

  • On the top right click on  New relation type icon.
  • Choose one type ( bidirectional, parent-child or many-to_many).
  • Fill in the fields.
  • Click on Create button.

On the bidirectional type is needed to fill the field "Title".

On the parent-child type are needed to fill the fields "Title parent to child" and "Title child to parent".

On many-to-many is needed to fill the field "Title".

Edit a relation

  • Click on  Edit a relation icon.
  • Modify the fields.
  • Click on Edit button.

Delete a relation

Only relations that are not used can be deleted. If  some nodes that are using that relation type exist, then the relation can not be deleted.

  • Click on  Delete a relation icon.
  • Click on Delete button.