Browser configuration

On latest browsers versions the steps described below could not be exactly the same. Take it as a reference of what you should be looking for.

Firefox cause error when click on "Copy to clipboard"

To enable JavaScript "Copy to clipboard" buttons on Firefox and Mozilla, enter the following line into browser address bar: "about:config".

The list of preferences should open in browser window. Right-click somewhere in the active part of preference list window and choose New > Boolean option from context menu. Paste the following Preference name into the New boolean value window input box: "signed.applets.codebase_principal_support".

Unable to run Scanner applet under Linux

If you enable the Java Console and see this error:

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Could not find library []

You have to install the libsane-dev package:

$ sudo aptitude install libsane-dev

Internet Explorer error "Document name is different"

This is a known error in Internet Explorer family. To disable name mismatch check, change the value of configuration parameter named "" to false.

More information at Other configuration parameters 

Internet Explorer error downloading files in HTTPS / SSL connections

There's a very old bug from version 5.5 until now that seems like Microsoft has not decided to fix , that causes a problem downloading files with IE behind SSL protocol ( the force may be with you, hope some day they will decide to fix it).

The problem is caused by "Cache-control: no-cache HTTP header to the response message", obviously that's valid for any browser except IE family ... other Microsoft IE hidden feature ?

Can see some supporting and forum information about it:

The solution is to change a couple of entries in the Windows Registry:

  • Create a file called ss_download_patch.reg
  • Copy the contents
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]
  • Execute it (will be imported into Windows Registry)
  • Then you need to restart Windows for this to take effect.

Google Chrome and Java applets

As you can read at Java and Google Chrome Browser, Chrome v45 no longer supports NPAPI which is required for Java applets. So you won't be able of using some interesting features in OpenKM like Live Edit o Bulk Uploader (both applets). There are a couple of workarounds:

  • Use another browser like Firefox, which still has NPAPI support.
  • Go back to Chrome v44 and enable NPAPI support.

If you prefer keep using Chrome (option 2), follow these steps:

  • Uninstall Google Chrome from your computer (Control Panel > Uninstall a program)
  • Download Google Chrome v44 portable and install it.
  • Once installed, use this URL to access browser configuration: chrome://flags
  • Look for Enable NPAPI, press Enable link and restart Chrome.
  • Now you would be able to use Java applets again.