Log Configuration

Log4j based Log Configuration 

OpenKM uses log4j which is a Java-based loggin utility. This is useful, for example when you need to get more information about something that is not working properly in OpenKM, for example third-party application configuration or Spring authentication. By default only log messages with INFO level are shown, but you can increase this log information by raising the log level to WARN or DEBUG. The log configuration file is $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/log4j.properties here you can change the error level message generated by a give class or package.

When OpenKM detect a modification in the log4j.properties file, it will reload it so you don't need to stop and start OpenKM to make these changes effectives.

Third-party application execution

This is useful when something like a document preview fails, because this way OpenKM will log every external program execution:


Enable log authentication

If you need to debug the security configuration, edit the log4j.properties file and add this line: