Configuring Dropbox

The new Dropbox API is based on the security API OAuth2.

The objective of this security API is that a Third Party application never gets access to the client's credentials. Instead of that, the application is redirected to the authentication site (Dropbox page in this case) where the client's credentials are entered. Then a token with a set active time period which allow us to access resources without needing to know the credentials is returned.

Dropbox Configuration

As discussed above, our application will be redirected to a Dropbox page where client credentials will be introduced. As a security extension not only are the user credentials required, but the redirection request must include some parameters that will authenticate the application as valid to interact with Dropbox. These parameters are the Dropbox application key and the aplication secret.  Where can you get them?

In order to get this information go to the page for developers at Dropbox. After signining in with a valid account, the following page will be shown:


The next step is to create a new App:

  • Click on the link "My apps"
  • Then click on the "Create app" button. The next screen will be shown:


In this screen fill in the required data:

  1. Choose API: Dropbox API
  2. Type of access: Full Dropbox
  3. A Name for your App.

Finally click on "Create app" button. The next screeen will be shown



The last step is to configure Redirect URIs that are the URL where, once authenticated, the user will be redirected. Here there are two posibilities:

If the URL is not localhost, it must begin with htpps. If you want to configure SSL, please check these articles:


 These are all the configuration steps needed from the Dropbox developer console. Now, the configuration parameter created (app key and app secret) will be added to the configuration of OpenKM. See Configuration parameters.



The Dropbox application key


The Dropbox application secret.

Finally, to allow the change to be applied, it is necessary to close the OpenKM session.