Configuring VidSigner

VidSigner is a third-party product which can be integrated into OpenKM to allow digital signature of a document.

Some configuration properties are needed:

Field / PropertyTypeDescription
vidsigner.user String

Name of the user given for the subscription to VidSigner.

vidsigner.password Password

Password of the user. String

Name of the device given by VidSigner where we want to send the document to be signed. Don't set if want to sign the document in any device associated with the subscription. In this case, you can find the document in the device, enabling search mode in configuration and finding by OpenKM user.

vidsigner.notification.url String

The URL where the notification will be sent:

vidsigner.preproduction.mode Boolean

Set to true to test vidsigner in pre production mode. String The page where to show the signature image. If it is set to zero then the signature will be invisible.
vidsigner.sign.posX String The X position in millimeters where to place the signature image.
vidsigner.sign.posY String The Y position in millimeters where to place the signature image.
vidsigner.sign.sizeX String The X size in millimeters of the signature image.
vidsigner.sign.sizeY String The Y size in millimeters of the signature image.
vidsigner.generate.log Boolean Set to true to generate a detail log with all the information of the call to VidSigner service

In addition, you have to create a user in OpenKM with the name and password given by VidSigner to your subscription.

Also, you have to create two new Automations on event Set metadata group (at post) and associate to the first one the action VidSigner Document To Sign and to the second the action VidSigner Document Signed.

Finally, you have to register this group of metadata:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE property-groups PUBLIC "-//OpenKM//DTD Property Groups 2.8//EN"
<property-group label="ViDSigner" name="okg:vidsigner">
   <checkbox label="Pending to sign" name="okp:vidsigner.pending" value="true" />
   <input label="Document GUI" name="okp:vidsigner.docgui" readonly="true" />