Configuring ONLYOFFICE

 This guide help to install and configure ONLYOFFICE with OpenKM.

ONLYOFFICE is WOPI compliant. Read the specification at 

ONLYOFFICE documentation: 

ONLYOFFICE installation

First find out the IP address of the computer, e.g. henceforth we will use this IP for this guide.

Run the following commands to install the Docker container:

  • Download the script:

$ wget

  • Run the script:

$ bash -skiphc true -dp 8082


 Within the docker container edit /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/default.json. After that the service needs to be restarted: supervisorctl restart all.

The wopi has to be enabled manually by editing this default.json and need to set "wopi" parameter to true.


Test it in your web browser:



WOPI validator

This is an optional step.

This is for validating the REST endpoints of the WOPI host (OpenKM)

  • Install it:

 docker pull tylerbutler/wopi-validator

  • Run it:

    docker run -it --rm tylerbutler/wopi-validator -- -w http://localhost:8080/openkm/wopi/files/80ffd1eb-a6b8-4ec2-adc1-a58b23815eaf -t <openkm token> -l 36000000

80ffd1eb-a6b8-4ec2-adc1-a58b23815eaf is the uuid of a document in OpenKM.

OpenKM configuration

Edit the following configuration parameters from OpenKM administration:

ONLYOFFICE source IP is in a Docker network range, usually like 172.17.x.x, so this IP should be the one configured at onlyoffice.ip configuration parameter The authentication token used between ONLYOFFICE and OpenKM is restricted by IP, that means only the IP of ONLYOFFICE will be able to use it.

If unsure about ONLYOFFICE IP, look into the log file for a error message like "Error validating token IP where {} != {}", or enter within the docker container (docker exec -it name_container bash) and see the IP:  cat /etc/hosts

# value samples = = = = Online Editor;/openkm/onlineOffice/onlyoffice


  • URL used by ONLYOFFICE Docker container to connect to OpenKM WOPI REST endpoint.
  • URL used by OpenKM to connect to ONLYOFFICE Docker container.
  • Source IP used by ONLYOFFICE to authenticate to OpenKM.
  • to access from the top main menu in OpenKM user interface.

About how to enable the parameter named "" take a look at Extra tab workspace extension and Enable extensions sections in the documentation.

Samples URL: