How to create a new translation

Before starting with a new translation, please check if is available in Language translations section.

A sample of new language base on Oromo from Ethiopia

The first step is identifying what is your language code based on ISO 639 ( 2 level ). Looking at the table of language identifiers, the code might be "om-ET".

The second step will get the country flag, in this case, Ethiopia. Go to website and download the flags icons. The flags icon name are based ISO 369 ( one level ), that means we are looking for a file named "et.gif".

The third step will be to create the new language. Go to Administration > Languages and create a new language with these values:

  • Click on  new language icon.
  • Fill the fields
    • The "id" might be "om-ET".
    • The "name" might be "Oromo".
    • The "icon" might be the file named "et.gif".
  • Click on Create button.

Once the new language has been created must set the translations:

  • Click on  Edit language icon.
  • Change the fields.
  • Clic,k on Edit button.

Finally, think on sharing with the community your translation.

  • Click on  Export language translations icon.
  • The application retrieves a SQL file with language translation into.
  • Contact us at the contact website form and we will tell you the way for sharing with us the translation.