Metadata Input field

In most cases this field is used to enter free form text, althought it can be used to save http links, date, data or refer to application folder ( as internal link to this folder ).


The text shown as a label in user interface.



Unique field identifier.

Two metadata can't have the same name. Name must be unique.

The name must start with "okp:".

It's a good practice to use metadata group name as basis for metadata field name. For example use "okg:consulting" has been used for field name "okp:consulting.input", changin "okg" to "okp". That helps to find out the metada group based on metadata field name.

Please, use only letters, numbers and underscore: "0-9a-zA-Z_".




Type value. Allowed types:

  • text.
  • date.
  • link.
  • folder.

Specifies a default value for this component.

There's a special case for date types. Data is stored in format "yyyyMMddHHmmss", be aware of this format when using OpenKM API.


The width of the HTML element.

height The height of the HTML element. false
placeholder The placeholder value.  
description General description. false
readonly The set field will not be able to be modified in the user interface. By default the value is "false". false

When input type is date we can specify if want to be able to see and modify hours and minutes. Allowed values:

  • hm
  • h
  • none


Set the size of the database field where the value is stored.

By default, fields are stored in a database column with 128 characters size. Because your data length might be bigger than 128 characters the administrator should update the default column size.

Take a look at Metadata XML definition documentation section for a deep explanation about metadata storage in OpenKM database,


Child elements:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE property-groups PUBLIC "-//OpenKM//DTD Property Groups 3.7//EN"
  <property-group label="Consulting" name="okg:consulting">
    <input label="Input label" name="okp:consulting.input" />