Multi-tenant configuration parameters

You can have some configuration parameters which are global for all the tenants, and some which are related to a given tenant. How can you do that? If you go to Administration > Configuration you are able to see a option in the top right corner called "Tenant configuration". If you click in this option you will have access to these specific tenant configuration properties. By default it is empty, so you only can see an empty list.

By clicking in the green plus icon you can create a new configuration property. For example, we are going to configure a different login image for each tenant. To do so follow these steps:

  • Go to the desired tenat (Menu -> tenant)
  • Create a File property called logo.login and choose an image.
  • Create a String property called tenant.domain and write the domain used by this tenant.

To get this working, this tenant should be accessed by a given domain. For example, let's imagine you have a tenant called "Floppy" and you have the server configured to access the OpenKM instance using this domain, so in this case the "tenant.domain" value should be "". To create different alias you have to create the subdomain in your DNS server and make it to resolve to the real server IP. When OpenKM detects it is being accessed by this domain, it will show the configured logo.login image.

The same works for:

  • logo.favicon
  • logo.tiny