RedHat and CentOS issues

CentOS 8: OpenKM not starting as a service automatically

In CentOS 8, OpenKM service does not start automatically. This is because the security system (SELinux) blocks services that are not recognized as native.

To enable it we must perform the following steps:

  • Create the openkm.service file within the path (/usr/lib/systemd/system/openkm.service)

$ nano /usr/lib/systemd/system/openkm.service


Description=OpenKM daemon






* ExecStart contains an sample value, the correct path is where the file location.

  • Refresh, enable the service and activate the service.

$ systemctl daemon-reload

$ systemctl enable openkm.service

$ systemctl start openkm.service

With the following command we can know the status of the service:

$ systemctl status openkm.service

  • Modify the SElinux configuration file:

$ nano /etc/sysconfig/selinux

  • Finally restart the server

$ reboot

ImageMagick in CentOS 8

This new CentOS version does not comes with ImageMagick package in the repositories, but we can install a fork called GraphicsMagick from EPEL repository:

$ dnf install -y
$ dnf install GraphicsMagick

Keep on mind that there is no "convert" utility but a general "gm" executable which can be used this way:

$ gm convert <params>

More info at GraphicsMagick convert documentation.