OpenKM 6.3 Community


  • Added HTML5 drag & drop feature
  • Added detailed information in Lucene index process
  • Added createMissingFolders method in the API
  • Fixed error in administration when choosing path with special characters
  • Fixed temp files were not removed
  • Added isCallingMe method in StacktraceUtils to detect recursive plugin calls
  • Fixed issue with the logo which was not changing in the login screen
  • Fixed UI defect with workflow instance with run_config
  • Fixed maven dependency conflicts


  • Fixed CSV exporter error
  • Fixed popup UI defect in wiki
  • Prevent from export into $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps
  • Added login and logout automation events
  • Added profile to create JAR client and dependencies


  • Fixed error in mobile web interface
  • Fixed some security vulnerabilities
  • Fixed minor defect in export and import features
  • Fixed error when purging trash
  • Fixed problem with folder notes
  • Improvements in administration look and feel
  • Added support for Lucene plain queries
  • Improved automation using plugins


  • Fixed error while setting metadata.

v6.3.5 - Nexus

  • Fixed problem with automation in document move
  • Upload  now supports files bigger that 2GB
  • Implemented HTML5 document preview
  • Added missing search method for compatibility
  • Several mail related improvements and fixes
  • OMR feature added

v6.3.4 - Tachikoma

  • Added a news ticker in login screen with OpenKM latest news
  • Solve preview issue which requires license key

v6.3.3 - Reborn

  • Added Oracle support
  • Updated styles for better look & feel
  • Changed login screen
  • Added cache L2 support
  • Added profiling support
  • Added hibernate stats support
  • Added UI Desktop button for splitter resizing
  • Added extra columns based in metadata in filebrowser view
  • Added Merge PDF feature
  • Added Convert feature
  • Added Stapling extension
  • Added Dashboard Messaging extension
  • Added Activity Log extension
  • Added Forum extension
  • Added Wiki extension
  • Added Workflow document info
  • Added HTML Editor 3 extension
  • Added Forward E-mail feature
  • Added Send Document Attachment feature
  • Removed Dropbox feature. DropBox changes caused stop wroking and OpenKM team staff decided stop the support
  • Removed OpenMeetings feature. A lot of API changes between version 2.x and 3.x caused stop working, for same reason we hace decided stop the support

v6.3.2 - Relative

  • Minor changes

v6.3.1 - Pumpkin

  • Fix error when mapping SuggestBox in workflow forms
  • Automation "Revoke all users" not working when preserverCreator is false
  • TextExtraction hangs
  • Loop in PngTextExtractor in Apache JackRabbit
  • Print button is not showing right title
  • A checked-out document shouldn't be unlocked
  • Show better information in file browser table about from mail account. Now take in consideration more cases
  • Bug on changing security from UI. An specific security modification steps can cause wrong security changes or UI error
  • Problem with Unicode character into XML REST response
  • Restore with UUIDs not working on import
  • Error when modifying default roles in applicationContext.xml
  • Be able to execute SQL, HQL and BeanShell from WebServices
  • Invalid token are not detected in SOAP webservices
  • Change quirks mode to doctype ( solve some IE problems )
  • Improvements in repository export
  • Improve PDF text extraction
  • Set Tesseract as default OCR engine
  • Correct several Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities
  • When login WS are not checking if /okm:trash exists
  • Some methods fails in REST on version 6.2
  • Downloaded Greek docs with wrong name when using IE
  • Improve repository export & import logging
  • Solve problem with webdav URL and character &
  • REST serialization problem with Document object
  • Validators are empty from rest service
  • Select options now can be loaded from classes
  • Improve pre-visualization auto-configuration
  • Improved simple search
  • Fixed problem with Turkish language
  • Add trailing "/" when upgrade to Tomcat 8
  • Fixed problem with property group multiple
  • Fixed problem when importing mail with very long subject
  • Some mail server can't sent an email if the from field does not match the authenticated user

v6.3.0 - Serpico

  • Metadata browsing
  • Document listing paginated and filtered (by type, name, etc.)
  • Different splitter resize schemas
  • Choose default start workspace
  • Massive actions when adding metadata, keywords and categories
  • Better Chrome and IExplorer support
  • Released extensions: Workflow properties, OpenMeetings and Zoho integration
  • Forward imported mail
  • Improved bulk uploader
  • Document conversion
  • Merge PDF documents
  • Able to select default file browser width
  • Improved Windows service installation
  • Increase major / minor document version
  • Change login page logo
  • Improved mail importer
  • CMIS support
  • New RESTful web services API (v1.0)
  • New SOAP web services (v1.0)
  • New Automation actions and events (document update, mail creation, etc.)
  • Lots of bug fixes and several performance improvements