Migrating from 6.3.9 to 6.3.10


  • Make a backup!!!


  • Stop Tomcat
  • Edit OpenKM.cfg and set hibernate.hbm2ddl to update
  • Replace the OpenKM.war
  • And start Tomcat again

Configure libreoffice path in Linux

Field / PropertyTypeDescription
system.openoffice.program String


Configure libreoffice path in Windows

Field / PropertyTypeDescription
system.openoffice.program String

C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\soffice.exe

All databases

-- Remove obsolete configuration properties
delete from OKM_CONFIG where CFG_KEY='system.openoffice.path';
delete from OKM_CONFIG where CFG_KEY='system.openoffice.port';
delete from OKM_CONFIG where CFG_KEY='system.openoffice.server';
delete from OKM_CONFIG where CFG_KEY='system.openoffice.tasks';

If you have any weird problem try to stop Tomcat, delete these folders:

  • $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/OpenKM
  • $TOMCAT_HOME/work/Catalina/localhost

Recommended to clear browser cache and Java Plugin cache.