Live Edit

This extension make very easy to edit documents in OpenKM.

This option is only available if you have enabled the Live Edit feature. More information at Enable extensions.

Since OpenKM 6.4.29 this extension is not implemented as a Java Applet anymore. We had to migrate to Java Web Start due to incompatibilities between Java Applets and latest browser versions. So, when you want to edit a document a JNLP file will be downladed and needs to be executed by Java. You have to agree about executing this app, and after that the Java application will be shown.


When this extension is enabled, the action of the  Edit Update and  Cancel edit buttons change and will be used to edit the document in this new way.

  • Choose a document.
  • Click on  Edit icon. Will be opened an Editor console ( do not close it ) and your default editor in your computer.

Do not close the "Editor" console until you have finished your edition, otherwise your local changes will not be saved to OpenKM.

Once the  Edit button is clicked, the document will be downloaded locally, opened with the default editor and marked as checkout. Of course, if you want to edit a .doc document you need to have installed Microsoft Office or OpenOffice / LibreOffice in your computer

Warning message



Every time you save the document will be sent to OpenKM to preserve the changes. But the OpenKM document won't be modified until you click on the  Update toolbar button.

  • Edit the document locally and save when finished, then close the application.
  • Click on  Update icon. Will be shown a confirmation dialog.

If you close the local application editor (MS Word, MS Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, etc.) and want to continue modifying the document, "double click" in the desired document row at the "Editor console" window.