Using OpenKM from external applications

There are a number of options available where you can access and use OpenKM from external applications.

Microsoft Office Add-in

You can create, edit and save files that are stored in the OpenKM repository, directly from Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point and Microsoft Outlook.

With OpenKM Microsoft Outlook Addin you can save mails to OpenKM repository from within Microsoft Outlook.

More information at Microsoft Office Add-in.

Desktop sync

OpenKM Desktop Sync synchronizes files between a local desktop and OpenKM repository using SDK for Java.

More information at Desktop Sync.

Digital Signature Client

Digital Signature Clients help you to quickly sign - electronic digital signature - documents to OpenKM.

More information at Digital signature client.

Scanner client

Scanner Client allows to capture images from scanners and upload them to the OpenKM repository.


  • The images can be convert to PDF file.
  • Can add metadata group while uploading files to the OpenKM repository.

More information at Scanner client.

Desktop Importer tool

The Desktop Importer tool is designed to import documents to a remote OpenKM instance. It uses OpenKM WebServices API so is firewall friendly.

More information at Desktop importer tool.