Cryptography extension

Cryptography helps you to set additional protection to your documents.

This option is only available if you have enabled the Cryptography feature.

More information at Enable extensions.

This feature needs to have Java enabled in your browser. For security reasons the procedures of encrypting and decrypting are always done from the user computer side.

If you're using a recent version of Google Chrome, keep on mind that Java applets won't work. Please take a look at Browser configuration for more info.

When a document is encrypted you can not preview or search by contents.

 Cryptography features are only available from Tools menu.


Upload new document encrypted

Upload a new document encrypted.

Encrypt document

Encrypt existing repository document.

Edit encrypted document

Edit existing encrypted repository document.

Update encrypted document

Upload a new version of an encrypted document.

 Download decrypted document

Download version decrypted of the selected encrypted document.

 Decrypt document

Decrypt the selected document into the repository.