Wordpress publication extension

Wordpress publication feature automatically publish contents from OpenKM to Wordpress. OpenKM Wordpress publication feature can upload HTML contents and related images from OpenKM to Wordpress.

This feature by default is disabled. Read Configuring Wordpress integration for enabling.

Publish content

  • Upload HTML file.
  • Set metadata group "WP Publication".

Each type is set metadata group "WP Publication" is executed the automation task name Wordpress metadata.

The Wordpress metadata automation task, process the HTML contents looking for images into and upload the HTML and images found. The automation task, also set metadata group "WP Media" on images, that identifies them as a Wordpress images.

As result of action, Wordpress returns:

  • Article ID what are saved into "WP Publication" metadata group.
  • Media ID and path what are saved into "WP Media" metadata group.

Update content

Each time an HTML content or image, yet published into Wordpress, is updated in OpenKM will be automatically processed by automation task named Wordpress content and media.

The OpenKM automation task named Wordpress content and media update the content into Wordpress.

All HTML Wordpress content in OpenKM have the metadata group "WP Publication", also any Joomla image in OpenKM have the metadata group "WP Media". These metadata groups are used in automation task to check if documents are Wordpress contents and then upload to Wordpress.