AutoCAD preview extension

The AutoCAD previewer allows one to perform basic operations like zoom in/out, rotate, show/hide layers and print. The AutoCAD preview extension allows viewing AutoCAD files using SVG and JavaScript to display and manipulate graphics.

This option is only available if you have enabled the AutoCAD feature.

This feature needs a third-party software installation. Ask your OpenKM technical staff for it.



Change icon Page Allows changing to previous or next icon page.
Layer List List of the layers of the drawing.
Print Print the document.
Zoom In Performs a zoom in.
Zoom Out Performs a zoom in.
Zoom Extends Allows you to move the zoom in zone.

Zoom Window

Allows you to draw a window to zoom in.

Toggle Black/White

Allows you to toggle black/white color in the drawing.
Background Color Allows you to select a specific color for the background of the drawing.
File Load  Not implemented yet.
Search Text Allows you to search individual text string in the drawing.
About Information about CADViewer JS version.
Layer Off  Turn layer off.
Swap Layers  Allows swapping between layers.
All Layers On Turn all layers on.
Measurement Allows selecting two points in the drawing to measure the distance between them. Measurement needs to be calibrated first.
Calibrate Measurement Allows calibrating measurement to define units of measurement in drawing.
Toggle Birds-Eye Window Open the birds-eye window.
Adjust Line Thickeness  Adjust the line thickness of the drawing.
 Save Redline  Save current red lines.
 Load Redline  Allows loading red lines previously saved.
 Delete Single Redline  Allows the delettion of one red line by selecting it in the drawing.
 Delete Last Redline  Delete the red line added last.
 Redline Color  Allows changing the color of the red line.
 Redline Thickness  Allows changing the thickness of the red line.
 Make Stickynote  Allows inserting a sticky note.
 Clear Visible Redlines  Clear all visible red lines.
 Freehand Redline  Allows inserting a red line with free form.
 Redline Cloud  Allows inserting a red line with a cloud shape.
 Redline Filled Polygon  Allows inserting a red line with a filled polygon shape.
 Redline Polyline  Allows inserting a red line with polyline shape.
 Redline Filled Rectangle  Allows inserting a red line with a full rectangle shape.
 Redline Rectangle  Allows inserting a rectangle red line.
 Redline Arrow  Allows inserting a red line with an arrow.
 Redline Text  Allows writing a text and select where to place it in the drawing.
 Zoom Extents  Allows moving the zoom-in zone.
 Zoom Window  Allows drawing a window for do zoom-in.

First Page
Go to the first page in the drawing.
Previous Page
Go to the previous page in the drawing.
Next Page
Go to the next page in the drawing.
Last Page Go to the last page in the drawing.

Default preview