Profile General tab

General section



The name of the profile.

Two profiles cannot share the same name.


Sets profile enabled or not.

Misc section


Quota limit (MB)

Sets the total maximum size of documents that a user can upload.

Value 0 indicate unlimited.

Helps the administrator to take control of the repository growth, and detect user's abuse.

Advanced filters

Enables search filtering on users and roles popup view.

Helps to find roles or user in a large list.

Web skin

 Sets the default skin ( css styles applied ).

Info message

Print preview

Enables or disables printing funtion.

Keywords enabled

Enables or disables keywords shortcuts.

Upload notify users

Shows or hides user notification on upload popup.

Notify external users

Enables or disables send notifications to external users.

By default the application is restricted to mail user's addresses.

For example, sending documents to an external mail address.

Browser plugin preview

When enabled, preview is based on browser pdf render capability.

Browser HTML5 preview

Enables or disables preview on HTML5 format.

Increase version

When enabled, users can choose between document  upload as minor version or major version.

Add documents title

When enabled, documents have an extra field named title.

Is shown a title on :

  • A column in a file explorer view.
  • Search view
  • When uploading a new document.
  • On document properties tab.

Show events notification

When enabled the user shows in a popup messages sent by application.

Common notifications:

  • New documents uploaded.
  • New task assigned.
  • New mails received.

Thumbnail visible

When enabled a thumbnail is shown on the desktop in search view.

This feature can decrease the application performance.

For more information see Performance configuration parameters.

Sent Mail Storage

Set default mail storage location.

Available options:

  • Mail folder ( "/okm:root/${user}/sent" )
  • Current folder ( user selected frontend UI folder ).

Quick search visible

Show or hide top right quick search in UI.

Recursive security change

Enable or disable by default the checkbox for applying security changes recursively.


Sets the enabled extensions for the profile.


Sets the enabled reports for the profile.


Sets the available workflows for the profile.

Property Groups

Sets the available property groups for the profile.

Chat section



Enables or disables chat.

Auto login

When enabled the user is automatically logged in chat as part of login process.

Wizard section

The Wizard only takes effect when uploading a new document, not when updating and existing.

In case an automation definition is present, these parameters has no effect.

The automation feature covers all these cases and more.



Sets a metadata that will be required to be filled as part of uploading a new document.


Sets a workflows that will be executed as part of uploading a new document.

Some workflows require initial fields filled at the begining, but not all.


When enabled the application will ask user to add keywords as part of uploading a new document.

User can skip this step without adding any keyword.


When enabled the application will ask user to add categories as part of uploading a new document.

User can skip this step without adding any category.

OCR Data Capture

When enabled the application will try to capture data with OCR feature as part of uploading a new document.

Application execute OCR data capture only from images and pdf MIME types.

Cancel wizard

When enabled, a button that allows the user to cancel operation is shown in Wizard popup .

Pagination section

Pagination control



Enables or disable pagination on file explorer view.

Page list

Sets the distinct values in what will be shown in number of elements per page.

For example the value "10;25;50;100" set that maximum number of element per page can be 10, 25, 50 or 100.

On the user view, the user can choose one of these options.

When pagination is enabled at least one value must be set

To separate the distinct values must be used the caracter ";"

Type filter

When enabled a filter by type is shown, this helps the user to show only documents, folders, records or mails at the same time. *

Misc filter

Advanced filter helps on filtering by some fields:

  • name
  • title
  • range of sizes
  • range of dates
  • author
  • version

When extra metadata columns are show in file explorer, they are also available here.

Show folders by default

By default shows or hides folders. *

Show documents by default

By default shows or hides document. *

Show mails by default

By default shows or hides mails. *

Show records by default

By default shows or hides records. *

* When type filter is enabled the options show folders by default etc... they must be active, otherwise they are not taken in consideration and all types are shown.

Section General

Shortcuts are keywords combination for faster way of accomplishing a task.



Executes rename action on the selected node.



Executes copy action on the selected node.



Executes cut action on the selected node.



Executes paste action on the selected node.



Executes download action on the selected node.



Shows a popup to do some user interface test.



Shows user interface log.


Create Folder

Executes create a folder action on the selected node.



Executes refresh action.


Add Document

Executes add document action.



Executes a bookmark action on the selected node.



Shows a help popup.



Executes the application logout.



Executes a delete action on the selected node.