Personal development environment

OpenKM personal development environment is distributed as a virtual machine image ( OVA ).

The personal development environment comes with everything you need to start quickly working:

  • OS Linux Mint distro.
  • OpenKM application installed
  • MariaDB database
  • Eclipse
    • Code samples
    • Workflow samples
  • IReport
    • SQL samples
    • Scripting samples


The virtual machine uses 2 core and 4GB of RAM, the host machine should have at least 4 core and 8GB of RAM.

We suggest having almost applications stopped while executing the virtual machine.

We suggest installing on a desktop computer either laptop computer. Although can working in laptop but with good hardware.

We suggest SSD disk to getting an extra performance in the virtual machine.

In some users, we observe executing the virtual machine in a secondary disk provides extra performance, seems some motherboards do not like the OS and Virtualization in the same hard disk.

How to get the personal development environment

Can download the virtual machine file from OpenKM download center.

Download link is sent by e-mail.

The link can be used only one time.

You have 24h from the e-mail have been sent to use the link, passed this time the link is expired.

How to install

The OpenKM personal development environment can be installed in almost virtual machine software like Virtual Box, VMWare, Hyper-V.

Because OVA ( Open Virtual Appliance ) seems is not 100% compatible between virtualization software at least users of VMWare usually should make few modifications in the file or extract the mkv to import the virtual machine.

If you are looking for a quick deploy we encourage using Virtual Box.

If you decide for Virtual Box, follow the steps described in the next video