Antivirus configuration parameters

Antivirus is one of the processes that can use a lot of hardware resources (memory and CPU). An aggressive antivirus policy can decrease the performance of the application and affect the end user's experience with the user interface.

The antivirus analyzer can work in two modes (depending the value of the background.antivirus.check parameter):

  • Live mode.
  • Batch mode.

The antivirus checker in live mode can dramatically decrease the user interface experience for end users. Take into consideration that to analyse some documents the antivirus can take up to 3 seconds or more that will be added to the uploading process time.

Field / PropertyTypeDescription



Set the antivirus path.




Enable or disable background antivirus checking. By default this is set to false.

There's a crontab task (Administration > Crontab) named Antivirus Checker Worker that takes control of the background antivirus checker.

For more information see Built in crontab tasks.

When background check is disabled the antivirus is processed while uploading any document. That can add extra time to complete the uploading process (in some cases more than 3 seconds is needed for the antivirus to check a document). For example when you do a large import of files the total time to complete the operation can be multiplied by three or more with this option disabled, our suggestion is to set it to enabled.



The number of concurrent threads that will be used for the antivirus.

This number should be less or equal  the number of hardware cores.



Indicates the number of documents that will be processed on each indexing cycle.

When parameter "background.antivirus.check" is enabled, is a good practice  to be multiple of "background.antivirus.check.threads" value.