Built in crontab tasks

TaskDefault timeExecutionDescription
Dashboard Activity Purge @daily

At 00:00.

Clean older than one month dashboard activity log.

User Items Serialize @hourly Each hour.  

Refresh User Items

@weekly Each sunday.

Refresh the total repository size assigned to a single user.

Each user is owner of some repository size.

User Mail Importer

*/30 * * * * Each 30 minutes. Import mails from registered user mail accounts.

Text Extractor Worker

*/5 * * * * Each 5 minutes.

Process text extraction queue.

For more information Statistics.

Antivirus Checker Worker

*/5 * * * * Each 5 minutes.

Process antivirus  check queue.

For more information Statistics.

Session Watchdog

*/5 * * * * Each 5 minutes. Kill orphan sessions.

Process Pending Tasks

*/5 * * * * Each 5 minutes.

Execute pending task.

For more information Statistics.

Optimize Lucene Indexes

@daily At 00:00. Optimize the Lucene indexes.

Send Grouped Notifications

@daily At 00:00.

Send daily mail notification grouped on single mail.

For more information Profile Notification tab.

Purge Old Trash Nodes

@daily At 00:00.

Purge old nodes in the trash.