Clean conversion cache

The application comes with an integrated file conversion cache.

The file conversion cache is stored in the file system, by default in $TOMCAT/repository/cache folder.

A classical example of document conversion is generating the thumbnail of each document shown in the default application user interface. For example to get a thumbnail of a Microsoft Word document it is nessesary to convert the first page into an image. The application consumes some CPU for this process.

To ensure this process does not consume more CPU than needed, the documents are converted only when it's necessary, upon upload, or after an update. In all other cases the file is retrieved from cached files.

The administrator can take control of these cached files and clean by type or all.

Cached files:



Caused by autocad pre-visualization conversion.


Several causes:

  • Document pre-visualization.
  • User conversion by demand.


Document pre-visualization.

Thumbnail properties

Document thumbnail in application desktop view.

Thumbnail Search

Document thumbnail in application search view.

Thumbnail Lightbox

Document thumbnail in lightbox.

Clean conversion cache

  • Choose cached file to be cleaned
  • Click on Clean button.

The operation can take a few seconds or minutes depending the number of files to be removed from the file system.