Repository checker

The repository checker feature helps the administrator to verify the repository integrity.

When the administrator thinks the system could be compromised, for example a hard disk failure or similar,he  can use Repository checker feature to verify the application integrity.




The path from where will be started the verification process.

Common values:

  • /okm:root
  • /okm:trash
  • /okm:personal
  • /okm:mail
  • /okm:templates


The fast verification will only check the existence of the last document version.


Verify the existence of all document versions. This option has priority over fast option.


Calculate the checksum of repository document and compares with database value.

Check repository

The process can take several minutes or hours depending on the repository size and the repository options checked.

The repository checker process will show a process status in %, before it is shown the application calculates the total amount of nodes that should be checked in a huge repository this calculation process can take several minutes, please be patient.

  • Set the path.
  • Choose repository checker options ( fast, versions, checksums ).
  • Click on Check button.