Creating your own Antivirus Analyzer plugin

You can create your own Antivirus Analyzer.


  • The new Antivirus Analyzer class must implement the "Antivirus" interface.
  • The new Antivirus Analyzer class must be declared under the package "com.openkm.plugin.antivirus".
  • The new Antivirus Analyzer class must be annotated with "@PluginImplementation".
  • The new Antivirus Analyzer class must extend of "BasePlugin".

Antivirus Analyzer interface:

package com.openkm.plugin.antivirus;


import net.xeoh.plugins.base.Plugin;

 * Antivirus
public interface Antivirus extends Plugin {
	 * Check for viruses in file
	String detect(File file);

The new class must be loaded into the package com.openkm.plugin.antivirus because the application plugins system will try to load it from there.

Do not miss the tag @PluginImplementation otherwise the application plugin system will not be able to retrieve the new class.

More information at: Register a new plugin.

Method description


detect(File file)


The method check the file for viruses. In case the retun value will not be null the application will consider it has been found some virus.

Example of the clamav antivirus analyzer implementation

package com.openkm.plugin.antivirus;

import com.openkm.core.Config;
import com.openkm.plugin.BasePlugin;
import net.xeoh.plugins.base.annotations.PluginImplementation;
import org.slf4j.Logger;
import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory;


 * Default implementation of an antivirus.
public class ClamavAntivirus extends BasePlugin implements Antivirus {

    private static Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(ClamavAntivirus.class);

     * Check for viruses in file
    public String detect(File file) {
        try {
            // Performs virus check
            log.debug("CMD: " + Config.SYSTEM_ANTIVIR + " " + file.getPath());
            ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder(Config.SYSTEM_ANTIVIR, "--no-summary", file.getPath());
            Process process = pb.start();
            String info = IOUtils.toString(process.getInputStream());

            // Check return code
            if (process.exitValue() == 1) {
                info = info.substring(info.indexOf(':') + 1);
                return info;
            } else {
                return null;
        } catch (InterruptedException | IOException e) {
            log.warn("Failed to check for viruses", e);

        return "Failed to check for viruses";