Configuration parameters

OpenKM is preconfigured with a number of parameters. However, if you plan to use it in production you should take a look at Recommended configuration parameters. To access Configuration parameters go to Administration > Configuration parameters.

Configuration parameters are shown in a table with three columns:

Property Key



Property key is the unique identifier for each configuration property.

There are several configuration types:

  • String.
  • Integer ( only numeric values are allowed ).
  • Boolean ( only true or false values allowed ).
  • List ( each break line is considered as new list element ).
  • Text.
  • File.

To create your own parameters read Creating your own parameters.

Edit a parameter

  • Click edit icon .
  • View and modify the value.
  • Click Edit button to confirm the change.

Delete a parameter

You should not delete parameters if you're not totally sure about the implications of this action.

  • Click remove icon .
  • In Delete confirmation view click Delete button.

Backup configuration parameters

  • Click at top right the Configuration parameters export icon .
  • Browser will download an SQL file with the configuration.

Restore configuration parameters

Restoring configuration parameters will remove actual parameters and will be replaced by newers.

  • Go to bottom page.
  • Select configuration parameter SQL file.
  • Click  Import button.

Check configuration

This action will check if some conflictive parameters are well configured ( pdf2swf, convert tool, OCR engine, OpenOffice or LibreOffice path ).

Although a parameter may pass this check, it that not means it is 100% correct. Take it as a light check which cannot covers all cases but is good approximation to discard most problems.

  • Click at top right the Check icon .
  • It will show the Configuration check view. If some parameters are misconfigured or wrong, it will be shown in red.