MIME types

The application supports several documents MIME type. Every MIME type has one or several file extensions which are used to match the uploaded document MIME type.

Based on the MIME type associated to the uploaded document, the application chooses the associated text extractor. Text extractor works only for a few MIME types that can easilly be extended.

For example, if you upload a "sample.doc", it's detected MIME type is "application/msword" because its extension is ".doc". In this case, the text extractor class is "com.openkm.extractor.MsWordTextExtractor".

The detected document MIME type is also used to display an icon which represents the type of document. You can change this icon if you like.

There is list of common documents MIME types already registered in OpenKM.

If you upload a document which MIME type is not in the list, it will be detected as "application/octet-stream".

Add new MIME type

  • Click new MIME Type icon .
  • In Create mime type view fill the required fields:


The MIME type name



General purpose description.



Associated document extensions.

In case multiple extensions, each one should be separated by character ",



Image file.

Image size should be 16x16 pixels.


When is checked it means it will be shown in the application user interface at search view MIME type list.

  • Click Create button.

Edit MIME Type

  • Click Edit icon .
  • In Edit MIME type view make changes in fields.
  • Click Edit button.

Delete MIME type

  • Click Delete icon .
  • In Delete MIME type view click Delete button.

Backup MIME types

  • Click at top right the Export Mime type icon .
  • After a few seconds the application will download an SQL file.

Restore MIME types

Restoring MIME types will remove actual values and will be replaced by the original ones.

  • Go to bottom page.
  • Select MIME type sql file.
  • Click Import MIME types button.