Repository import

The repository importer helps administrator to import data from the file system.

Initial import ( import standard folders and documents from your openkm server ).

Import from previous openkm export.


Filesystem path

Server import path.

Repository path

The repository destination path.

Common values:

  • /okm:root
  • /okm:templates
  • /okm:personal
  • /okm:mail


When enabled, the importer assumes the metadata information ( .okm files ) are present.


When enabled, the importer assumes all document versions of the document are present.

More information about document versions format at Repository export.

Restore UUIDs

When enabled, the importer will keep the same node UUID.

When applicationis integrated with thirdparty software, usually the thirdparty software stores in their own database UUID of the node as main reference. This references should not be lost, that's why on these scenarios are needed to keep out the UUID's.

Specially when importing from previous openkm, export must take in consideration that you must use the same import options that had been chosen while exporting, otherwise the import will fails.


  • Set the file system path.
  • Set the repository path.
  • Check the repository import options.
  • Click on Import button.